This organization is run by a community of volunteers, and there are many ways you can contribute your time and effort to support the league!

Upcoming race-day volunteer opportunities

  • Race #1: Racing The Ridge at CRP (Feb 10/11) – Volunteer Signup
  • Race #2: Hammer The Hammock at San Felasco (Mar 2/3) – Volunteer Signup 
  • Race #3: Gator Grind Loyce E. Harpe Park (Mar 23/24) – Volunteer Signup
  • Race #4: Rally in Tallahassee at J.R. Alford (Apr 13/14) – Volunteer Signup
  • Race #5: Rise Above Sunrise at Markham Park (May 6/7) – Volunteer Signup
  • Adventure Day at Santos (May 11) – Volunteer Signup

More volunteer roles

  • Outreach Coordinators – The state of Florida is mighty big, and in order to effectively advertise the Florida League, we need people from all parts of the state to help spread the word throughout their communities. The Florida League will provide the necessary supplies – all you’ve got to do is post ’em up.
  • Race Crew – Want to help put on the races? Check out this list of job descriptions and let us know which one tickles your fancy. No experience necessary. As long as you’re stoked on getting more kids on bikes and want to be involved on the race weekends, we want to hear from you.
  • Advisory Board Members – The league is actively looking for people to lend their expertise and join our Advisory Board.
  • Local Artists and/or Graphic Designer – You make art? Let’s talk. The league could use some creative talent for our merchandise and promotional materials. Right now it’s just us with Microsoft Paint and clipart.
  • Musicians – Want to come out to our races and put the jams out? Sure, we could create a playlist on our computer and that’s that, no problem, but that pales in comparison to the energy and zest from live music. High school marching bands, rock bands, country and folk bands, rap groups, whatever. We’re down to promote your tunes at our races as long as they’re upbeat and unoffensive.
  • Trophy Makers – Like the other NICA leagues, we’ll have hand-made trophies to award our podium finishers at the races. If you’re a crafty woodworker, metalworker, ceramic-maker, knitter, or anything else, let us know.

If you’re interested in any of these volunteer positions, or have another idea on how to get involved, contact us at: jason@floridamtb.org