FICL Return to Play Guidance

To safely return to play and participate in the sport we love with a focus on keeping everyone safe and healthy, we have added some guidance documents for practice and some other documentation that you may share with government/education stakeholders in your community.


Please know that we are always a step away if you need any help with any of this. We know how much work this is and how much you already do for all of us.

The first place we would like you to visit is the Return to Play Team Activity Assessment Tool. This tool is intended for the head coach/team director to take a look at all of the aspects of practice and assess risk and plan for risk mitigation. You do not need to turn this form in to league leadership, but we would be willing to work with you on this.

The FICL Return to Play Guidelines is the second place to head. This document gives plenty of guidance for our coaches. This document should also help you assess your responses to the first document.

The Return to Play Practice Checklist is best for everyone to read and use during the season. This will help you pack your riding bag, check your health and bike before you head to practice and know what to expect when you get there.

We are working to use terminology that is uniform and easy to remember. To that end, the FICL COVID Coach Safety Message document could also be called the “keep” Document. The consistent use of the terminology within this document will be helpful with your student athletes, coaching staff, and community.

We need to be as clear as we can with our families. This FICL COVID Letter to Families document will help to increase the comfort level of your community and clearly communicate practice expectations to your parents and student athletes. The Guidelines for Parents and Students should also be shared with your families. These guidelines should certainly help parents and students as they get ready to return to practice.